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    I built my career in real estate and have been a licensed broker since 1998, focusing in the Denver luxury home market. My desire to understand clients' wants and needs has been paramount to my success in earning many 'Top Producer' awards from Denver Board of Realtors. More importantly, my career in real estate has been the foundation of many close friendships and business partnerships that have truly enriched my life.


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    My interests outside of real estate include most things outdoors, with a flare towards adventure. Most recently I finished backpacking the GR11 trail with my son, crossing the Spanish Pyrenees mountains from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Other more recent adventures have included motorcycling off-road from Canada to Mexico, the Leadville Trail 100 run, and motorcycling off-road throughout Spain.

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    Additionally, I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to move my family to Spain in 2015 where my children were able to learn a second language fluently, travel the world, and be completely emersed in another culture. Beyond Spain, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to live in Chile and Turkey.

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    Finally, I’m also proud of serving as a CU Global Ambassador to Chancellor DiStefano since 2016. Part of that service has included the launching and initial coordination of the CU Global Internship Program. The CU Global Internship Program connects international CU Almuni with CU interns (current students & recent graduates), giving the interns an overseas work experience.


    For a complete bio, visit my LinkedIn page. 

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    Real Estate Advisor

    When it comes to real eatate, I appreciate that your home is one of the most Intimate reflections of you as a human.


    When buying, it’s a representation of the future; your goals and aspirations of the years ahead, and a commitment you make to yourself for how you will live your life to its fullest. It’s about optimism, hope, and realizing your dreams.


    When selling, it’s parting with the past; appreciating the moments, the memories, and being thankful for the physical shelter that was the literal foundation of your life. It’s about closure, gratitude, and excitement for the future.


    As an empath, it is my nature to connect with you authentically and support you through this process to help you make the right life decision.


    And as a seasoned real estate professional, I'm here not simply to help you with a complex financial transaction, but to support your ultimate journey.

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  • My Mission:

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    "Adam’s life mission is to connect people through authenticity. That flows through all of his personal and client relationships. He is incredibly invested in the success and happiness of his peers. This makes him a dedicated and effective advocate for clients - in their home buying and selling, and really any of their endeavors. Adam is also high energy and fun to be around. "

    - Sam Eidson

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    "Adam gives his full attention to those in his company. He is very present in conversation, listening carefully and thoughtfully to both words and non-verbal cues to try to truly understand what the person feels, wants, needs. He is respectful of others' time and generous with his own, which together has the effect of making others feel valued and appreciated. His openness, along with his kindness and wealth of knowledge about myriad topics, make him a value-add in any context."

    - Karen Albright

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    "Adam is an active listener who will help you to better understand yourself by asking thoughtful and insightful questions. He will ask the hard questions and help you to dig into your feelings.


    Adam thinks a lot about people, feelings, desires and happiness. Any conversation with him reveals new thoughts and insights into yourself.
    Adam is great at distilling information into smaller, actionable pieces. He is able to get to chip away at unimportant (material and immaterial) things to get to the root of what’s important."

    - Heather Terenzio

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    "Adam is an INCREDIBLE human……..period! Who doesn’t want an incredible human working on their team!? He is so committed to all he does and has a gift for understanding people and truly getting them. He is a master in the real estate world and knows this industry inside out! With his belief in making a profound difference in his work - he will find you the home of your dreams and lead you through this sometimes stressful process with grace and ease. Adam is a gift to work with - put it all in his hands - he will take care of you like no other."  

    - Coleen Kelley Thurber

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    "Adam relates to you as an important friend. His dedication and loyalty goes way beyond professional courtesy. He endeavors to know you, and appreciate what's really important to you. That makes him a deep listener and a unique asset in business and in life."

    - Adrian Bishop

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    "Adam is a good listener and is highly empathetic, allowing him to internalize his customers' goals/needs and to meet or exceed them in creative ways.  Adam is knowledgeable, persistent and confident – this enables him to achieve great things despite any obstacles that may arise.  Package these traits alongside his adventurous spirit and you are sure to enjoy the ride together."

    - Gary Keating

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    Please reach out if I can be of service.

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    They say that writing is a window to the soul. This blog is where I will share my hopes, dreams and my professional knowledge.

    There are no published blog posts yet.
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    Life Coach

    You are not alone. But are you ready to take a "life walk" with someone who can guide you through whatever challenges you may face in the upcoming weeks, months and years?


    I didn't set out to become a life coach, but through my deep relationships with clients and friends, coaching has become my passion and my calling.


    I typically work individually with select business leaders and entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve their personal and professional goals – and most importantly, humans who want to pursue their true purpose on this planet. A typical engagement begins with a 6-month commitment, but I can be available to provide support for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.